At its heart, Fire Compliance Online provides a detailed register of fire wardens, including their name, contact details and the date they were last trained.

Each fire warden can be associated with one or more specific locations (typically wards or departments) within your organisation. You can choose whether a fire warden is directly involved in regular fire safety checks or just listed for training and local fire safety support.

The system allows you to record a ‘training valid’ period – typically this can be 1, 2 or 3 years. Using this, Fire Compliance Online can provide reports on those fire wardens who require refresher training.

Additionally, the system allows you to allocate a ‘minimum’ and ‘optimum’ number of trained fire wardens to each area – providing an up to the minute view of safety compliance – highlighting those areas where the number of fire wardens with ‘current’ training falls below the minimum level.

Using this data, Fire Compliance Online allows to you easily build and maintain an accurate register of fire wardens across your entire organisation – drilling down to specific areas or taking a floor, a building or a site as a whole.


Fire Warden Registry Image