Q: How does Fire Compliance Online work ?

A: It replaces paper and spreadsheet based systems with a comprehensive set of online tools.

Q: Is Fire Compliance Online expensive ?

A: No, price is dependent on the number of departments you have and the modules you want to use.

Q: Who owns the data once it has been entered into FCO?

A: The data remains the property of your organisation.

Q: Is Fire Compliance Online secure ?

A: Yes, there is 256-bit encryption on connections to the site, and all data is subject to multiple backup routines. Our hosting and server providers also hold current Cyber Essentials certification.

Q: Is Fire Compliance Online effective ?

A: Yes, it’s an easy but powerful tool that helps organisations to better co-ordinate and manage their fire safety teams, providing instant auditing and pro-active reporting.

Q: Have problems been experienced with installing FCO ?

A: No, it is a web-based system that is compatible with current versions of all the major web-browsers. No installation at the client’s site is required.