Building on the data stored in the Fire Wardens Register, Fire Compliance Online provides a powerful tool for managing local fire safety checks across the whole estate.

These safety checks should be performed at the ‘local’ level by a fire warden or other qualified team member on a regular basis (typically, weekly). The system will email safety check reminders to all active fire wardens in a particular area (ward, department), with a reminder to complete the safety check for the week.

The email contains a link to a fully customisable set of safety check questions, to which the fire warden must provide a response – ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘N/A’.


Fire Compliance Online will monitor for responses to the safety checks, and automatically send out a further ‘escalation’ if the safety check has not been submitted in an agreed time-frame.

Using this data, the system can then build a picture of fire safety check compliance across the whole organisation.

The FCO Dashboard charts recent Fire Safety Non-Compliances which can then be viewed in further detail.


All of this information is collated into a suite of weekly and monthly reports which the system will automatically generate and send out to a nominated set of recipients – not only saving time, but providing a smoother process towards the resolution of any non-compliances.

By using regular local safety checks, your organisation can help local departments to take ownership of fire safety issues in their area – allowing for quicker and more consistent reporting and resolution of fire safety concerns, as well as improving fire safety awareness across the entire estate.