Fire Compliance Online is a new web-based software system that combines many key aspects of fire safety monitoring into a single online solution.

By centrally managing fire warden / marshal records coupled with bespoke local safety checks and risk assessments, FCO provides a centralised picture of fire prevention measures and compliance across your whole estate.

FCO greatly reduces administrative overheads by providing instant access to critical audit data, automatically highlighting missing / late fire safety checks and warning when fire warden’s safety training is in need of renewal.

Optionally, fire officers and fire safety advisors can also generate a full fire risk assessment document. Noted non-compliances can also be tracked to completion and the individual department managers, estates teams or fire officers tasked with their rectification.

All data feeds into the central reporting system, providing a granular picture of fire safety for each department, building up a wider picture of building-level compliance and for the estate as a whole.

Fire Compliance on Line Burning Chair